Diabetes Check -up and clinic services


  • Full medical examination
  • Information Session: 30 minutes’ session on What is Diabetes? Treatment plan, Insulin injection technique, blood glucose testing home testing and what the results of the testing means?
  • Free Blood Glucose meter: Instructions on how to use home blood glucose meter
  • Consultation with Dietician
  • Consultation with Eye Specialist
  • Consultation with Physiotherapist


Find out if you are at risk of diabetes

Diabetes clinic helps patients in two ways

Prevention of Diabetes: We can identify if you at risk of Type 2 diabetes and can put you in a plan of lifestyle modifications which can delay the onset diabetes

Management of Diabetes: If you are diagnosed with Diabetes either at our clinic or somewhere else, we help you with the series of lifestyle modifications, exercises that helps to keep you healthy. This include consultation with many specialist doctors such as eye specialist, nephrologist, etc

Annual Diabetes Care:

  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test
  • Eye Test
  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Diet Consultation